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Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Gas Fireplace Working And Looking Its Best

Choosing a great gas fireplace and having it properly installed by experienced and professional technicians is just the first step. To keep enjoying your heating appliance, regular maintenance is a must. If your fireplace isn’t regularly serviced, things like faulty gaskets or carbon build-up can cause anything from a plugged pilot assembly or gas orifices to incomplete, inefficient combustion, or even troubling carbon monoxide leakage.

Fireplaces are great for heating and adding ambiance to your home.

Annual tune-up and cleaning appointments are key to preventing failures, maintaining optimum performance and extending the service life of your appliance.

Fireplace Tune-up And Cleaning

Keep your gas fireplace running efficiently and safely with annual inspections.

When the AirAbility technicians come to your home for a gas fireplace tune-up and cleaning appointment, we address the entire appliance and venting system, checking for:

  • Proper venting
  • Proper clearances
  • Effective and properly functioning valves and seals
  • Any damaged or worn-out components
  • Leakage or drafting of combustion gases into the living area
  • Condensation issues
  • Properly functioning pilot
  • Properly functioning fan or blower
  • Firebox free of cracks, gaps or extensive abrasion
  • And much more

Components that need adjustment are adjusted; components that need to be cleaned or replaced are serviced properly. When AirAbility’s techs leave your home, you can feel comfortable knowing that your appliance and system are functioning as efficiently and safely as they were designed to.

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AirAbility is here to heep your fireplace working all year round.

Fireplace Service Experts

Is your gas fireplace shutting off unexpectedly, or are you having trouble getting it to light in the first place? Have you been noticing an unpleasant smell coming from the unit? Do you see soot building up on or around your fireplace? These are all common gas fireplace troubles and issues that the technicians at the Chimney Care Company can help clear up. Whatever your problem, our technicians are trained to provide expert diagnostics and repair services.

Diagnostics Services Address Your Whole System

Our multi-point diagnostic services cover your appliance and venting system, top to bottom. That can include:

  • Checking for proper installation and venting
  • A thorough cleaning of the appliance and venting system
  • Checking the ignition system, including the pilot
  • Checking all connections
  • Checking for gas and carbon monoxide leaks, including seals, valves and fuel supply line
  • Checking the firebox and making needed repairs/touch-ups
  • Checking logs and log placement and making adjustments, as necessary
  • And much more

We Find The Source Of Your Problems, And Make The Right Repairs

Finding the source of your gas appliance problem is the first step. The next is making the correct repairs, and doing that work right the first time.

Our experienced technicians can make any needed adjustments or repairs, replace damaged components and install new components to improve performance. We can:

  • Add a blower or add/replace a remote control
  • Adjust or repair the pilot/assembly
  • Replace or repair an igniter
  • Replace damaged seals
  • Adjust or replace faulty knobs or valves
  • Replace damaged or abraded firebox panels
  • Clean, repair and/or replace glass doors
  • And much more